Marine Power

Marine Electrical is a specialised field and World Power Limited has both experience and expertise to address any of your marine electrical needs. From yachts and launches, commercial vessels to superyachts all aspects are covered.

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Power Generation

World Power Limited are experts in generators and generator control systems. As Woodward authorised system integrators we are involve in the design , installation and commissioning of Woodward control equipment, Automatic voltage regulators and speed control equipment.

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Industrial / Commercial

Our Industrial and Commercial electrical division are involved in building maintenance, Telecommunication industry and industrial electronics. The design of control equipment for special projects through to the installation and build.

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MY Alchemy

During its stay in Auckland some major systems were upgraded or replaced:

  • Shore Power Converter ASEA replacing the old transformer type system
  • Generator control system overhauled using exisiting Selco C6200 to now operate as fully synchronising and load sharing ships generation system
  • Generator load bank – Dry air electric elements fitted to add additional AC load while reducing maintenance required with other marine load banks
  • -Main engine data gathering and distribution – using Murphy range of Analogue to CAN J1939 converters and digital displays the vessel wide information can be relayed to all screens and meters providing accurate and correct data to the vessel crew.
  • Fuel tank monitoring with installed ITIM systems tanks level senders and ITIM systems fuel level gauges, the crew are  aware of the vessels fuel levels at all times.

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World Power Northland

Based in Whangarei in the large Oceania Marine shed World Power operates its Northland branch

With room for plenty of large commercial vessels World Power provides electrical services and electrical survey works for those that are visiting

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Sky City casino Generator system upgrade

Due to Sky Citys high power demands they also have a high Emergency power demand -World Power were required to provide a new Emergency generator control system for their exisiting 3 X 1.5MVA Cummins engines and provide an upgraded safer control platform for the site to rely on in times of power failure.

No problem there- however due to the site being live and permanantley in use, World Power needed to provide a fast turnaround turn key solution that not only at the end of the project was fully operational  BUT during the system replacement had to still be fully operational 24/7 in case of a mains power failure.

World Power used the Woodward Easygen platform of generator controllers to provide this solution for both of the clients request, utilising the Woodward Load Sharing Gateway the new Easygen system worked togther with the old Barber Coleman system to allow a safe transition between control platforms.  

Images show the old original Cummins front panel and the revamped Engine control panel using Woodward easygen.


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MY Suri BV approved ships alarm system replacement

Port of Singapore.

Due to the aging ships monitoring and alarm system becoming unreliable MY Suri requested World Power to source and replace for a new BV Approved system. World Power used the Stein Sohn Vista alarm system from Interschalt systems AG.

Initially installed to replace the exisiting digital (binary) alarms further expansion has been requested to provide interface from all engines and tank readings. The data is presented both as a basic text display throughout the boat in several cabins and wheel house and also to an engine control room touchscreen with class rules also requiring printer paper alarm data. This provides for Unmannned Engine Space allowing engineers to remain On Duty from anywhere on the vessel.

World Power has provided support for Stein Sohn around New Zealand and the South Pacific on many commercial vessels using their alarm and control systems.

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