MEGACON is a major designer, manufacturer and international supplier of high-tech electronic products for industrial, mobile, marine, offshore, subsea or seabed applications such as Generator Protection and Control Power Management Systems, Power Plant Control and Automation Switchboard Instrumentation, Analogue & Digital Signal Processing, Monitoring and Alarm, Protective Guards.Earth Fault Monitoring


Insulation Guard for non-earthed systems

Variant KPM161 - For AC Systems upto 500VAC

Protection for isolated single or three phase systems with three trip relays. The versatile

KPM161E is extensively used for insulation monitoring in marine, offshore, industrial,

telecommunication and hospital installations etc.

Earth Leakage Guards

Variant KPM162 - For single channel

Protection for single or three phase systems with two trip relays. KPM162A measures the earth leakage, directly in milliamps from Megacon IGT range of Core balanced CTs.

All AC earth fault guards are fed from a suitable CBCT. (Core Balance current transformer). All current carrying conductors must pass through the core balance CT. Metal sheaths or braiding on any cables must NOT be passed through the CBCT.

Earth Leakage Trip Relay - DIN Rail Mounted

Variant KRM169 - For DC Systems upto 400VDC

KRM169 measures the insulation of  isolated DC systems. The standard 24VDC relay has a

100kohms range with a trip level of 30kohms. Trip levels vary depending on monitored nominal voltage. The trip level is factory set and will operate after a delay of approximately four seconds


  • 24 channel earth monitoring of LIVE AC networks
  • Tailored to any voltage or current range
  • Reads each channel’s RMS leakage. Range 100mA to 10A
  • Set parameters and view on unit screen
  • Optional supervision module and slave unit
  • Healthy/Warning/Alarm and Supervision C/O relay outputs
  • “Highest up” 4-20mA signal & RS-485 Modbus RTU outputs

The digitally controlled ISOPAK100 adds to Megacon’s wide range of ISOGUARD products for insulation and earth fault monitoring and protection.

The ISOPAK100 technology is also used in Megacon’s IsoMedical and IsoSubsea systems for monitoring of ultra-safe AC supply systems in hospital and subsea installations respectively.

ISOPAK100 can be configured for operation in and single phase, 3-wire and 4 wire three phase AC networks. The measuring range is factory pre-programmed.

The purpose of ISOPAK100 is to selectively detect and address earth faults in live 50 or 60Hz networks.

An intelligent function highlights the highest level of hazard in the system, and only alerts the operator when conditions for an impending danger are present. The Modbus communication port provides information on each channel.s measured data and safety status:

Any number of ISOPAK100may be parallelled in a chain with a common master PC, to supervise and log any number of channels and networks.

Guard’ Meters

Innovation Beyond Tradition

For 30 years the legendary “classic” range of combined indicator and protective guards has proved its “fit and forget” durability in harsh environments the world over.

Now, the new digitally controlled IS-range continues our belief in the fusion of functionally, state-of-the-art, innovative technology and cutting-edge simplicity. The design philosophy for this new generation of products is as always driven by Megacon’s motto: Innovation Beyond Tradition.

The IS-range includes dedicated and multifunctional protective guards for Current, Voltage, Frequency, Active and Reactive Power, Powerfactor, Synchronisation, Insulation, Earthfault and derivatives thereof.

Megacon also have Guard meters to fit all options – Voltage Guard, Current Guard, Frequency Guard etc