Generator Control System for Sky City Completed

World Power completes Generator Control System for Sky City main site stand by power upgrade

Due to the construction of the Sky City International Convention centre, Sky City required a new site for its Emergency power station. The new Generators 3 X 1.4 MVA diesels are to be controlled by Woodward Easygen 3500 to allow them to interface with the new 11000V incomer controls Woodward LS5. World Power provided the Woodward controls and the commissioning support for these controllers.

The Easygens are capable of Run Up Synchronization where all generators start in parallel at reduced voltage and ramp their voltage up when the time is right. By this method the entire site can have full site standby power of 4.2 MW within 20 seconds.

Using the LS5 controllers, returning to mains can be achieved over the internal network at the click of a mouse removing the need for staff to be in the High Voltage room during this time.